When you leave school, whether it’s high school, college, or grad school, we hope you go into your future understanding that you should never consider your education to be completed. Sometimes, it’s just the beginning! Indeed, that’s our philosophy at GilpinSchool.org. And we also know that some lessons are going to be harder than others to not only learn, but to also master.

Please hear us when we tell you that just because a class or particular lesson is difficult, it doesn’t mean you won’t grasp it. This writer knows this first hand. There have been times when we’ll read something over and over, only to have it finally “click” on the 10th attempt!

Seriously, it does sometimes take that long. And yet, there are other times when the subject matter simply sinks in immediately! Don’t you just love when that happens!

Regardless of how you learn, or how easy or hard a topic is for you to understand, we’ve been on both sides of the experience, and will provide resources and features that we hope will encourage you!