As a budding sportsperson, you no doubt have set your sights on winning one competition after the other, until you win the gold medal for your respective sports in the Olympics, the ultimate global sporting event. You must have been working hard to keep your body fit and ensure that it does not let you down when you need it to perform optimally. This is perfectly fine and is what every athlete ought to do. Unfortunately, most athletes nowadays want to take the easy route and defeat their competitors with the help of performance-enhancing drugs. These drugs, generally steroids, enhance the performing capability of the athlete and allow them to work harder without any stress. This is a disgusting form of cheating and is an extremely serious issue.

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In fact, such repeated occurrences led to the formation of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), a team that employs special pathological tests to determine if athletes have any drugs in their system. They have a list of banned drugs on their website and if they catch any athlete, testing positive for those drugs, they ban him from participating in the sport for several years or permanently depending on the seriousness of the offense and the number of times the individual has tested positive for drugs. Do not be fooled by the test kits and remedies available on online stores that claim that they will help you to remove drug traces from your body, allowing you to pass the WADA tests successfully. However, some of them do work and help you hoodwink the WADA authorities. Get more information about Testclear with the Testclear review that we found.

Fake urine
Available in the form of powder, fake urine resembles human urine temperature, color, and specific gravity. Using it is quite simple. The sportsperson drops the powder in the receptacle provided by WADA and pours a specific volume of water on it to constitute a fluid that exactly resembles human urine. This method of cheating worked without a hitch for several years before the drug testing authorities got an inkling about it, and have had the athletes pass urine in the vessel provided in their presence.

Sports-persons were quick to change tactics and they stopped taking drugs and started detoxifying their system two weeks or so before the date of the drug test. Although this helped them pass the test, it reduced theirs on-field performance capabilities. WADA now relies more on a hair follicle drug test, which is more accurate and detects traces of drugs even after 90 days after the athlete has stopped taking drugs. Applying hair detox shampoos can help athletes remove traces of drugs from their hair follicles.