All About Drug Testing

As a budding sportsperson, you no doubt have set your sights on winning one competition after the other, until you win the gold medal for your respective sports in the Olympics, the ultimate global sporting event. You must have been working hard to keep your body fit and ensure that it does not let you down when you need it to perform optimally. This is perfectly fine and is what every athlete ought to do. Unfortunately, most athletes nowadays want to take the easy route and defeat their competitors with the help of performance-enhancing drugs. These drugs, generally steroids, enhance the performing capability of the athlete and allow them to work harder without any stress. This is a disgusting form of cheating and is an extremely serious issue.

Curbs took to stop this menace like Testclear

In fact, such repeated occurrences led to the formation of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), a team that employs special pathological tests to determine if athletes have any drugs in their system. They have a list of banned drugs on their website and if they catch any athlete, testing positive for those drugs, they ban him from participating in the sport for several years or permanently depending on the seriousness of the offense and the number of times the individual has tested positive for drugs. Do not be fooled by the test kits and remedies available on online stores that claim that they will help you to remove drug traces from your body, allowing you to pass the WADA tests successfully. However, some of them do work and help you hoodwink the WADA authorities. Get more information about Testclear with the Testclear review that we found.

Fake urine
Available in the form of powder, fake urine resembles human urine temperature, color, and specific gravity. Using it is quite simple. The sportsperson drops the powder in the receptacle provided by WADA and pours a specific volume of water on it to constitute a fluid that exactly resembles human urine. This method of cheating worked without a hitch for several years before the drug testing authorities got an inkling about it, and have had the athletes pass urine in the vessel provided in their presence.

Sports-persons were quick to change tactics and they stopped taking drugs and started detoxifying their system two weeks or so before the date of the drug test. Although this helped them pass the test, it reduced theirs on-field performance capabilities. WADA now relies more on a hair follicle drug test, which is more accurate and detects traces of drugs even after 90 days after the athlete has stopped taking drugs. Applying hair detox shampoos can help athletes remove traces of drugs from their hair follicles.


STD Testing In A Relationship

Physical intimacy is naturally an important part of many relationships. Smart couples understand that communicating our physical needs and expectations is very important, but one thing that is often not discussed is STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

This is often an awkward topic for couples to discuss. Many people feel that they have no right to pry or inquire into their partner’s sexual history. While couples should certainly respect each other’s privacy, drug testing for STDs is not merely a matter of privacy; it is a matter of personal safety, and it should be of the utmost importance in relationship communications.

The time to discuss testing for STDs is before and not after a couple becomes physically intimate. A person should not be afraid to ask their partner if he or she has been recently tested for STDs such as HIV, gonorrhea or chlamydia. It is very important that stereotypes around sexual behavior are avoided. People should not assume that just because a person has had many sexual partners that they have contracted an STD. Likewise, one should not assume that just because they have had sex with only one other person that they did not come into contact with an STD, as their past partner may have been with multiple partners who were an STD carrier.

We know that STDs can be contracted in a variety of ways, but most STDs cannot infect a person who comes into contact with an unclean surface, such as a toilet seat or mattresses. The STD’s nature is such that it must be contracted through either vaginal, anal or oral sex.

The best thing for couples to do is to have an open conversation about STDs and then they should arrange to get tested together. This can be a good way to support each other in what is often an anxious time since many people are nervous about getting tested. If the test results are clear, that will give the couple peace of mind in knowing that their sexual intimacy will not be impeded by an STD. They can then decide what contraceptive measure they will choose to use.

Keeping A Relationship Alive

A wise man once observed that everybody needs a healthy dose of love to function effectively. This is as true today as it was many years ago. Love is one emotion that does not ever go out of style. However, a great relationship does not thrive on love alone. The best relationships thrive and grow because the people in these relationships work hard to make them succeed. Below are some great ways to make your relationships to make your relationship stand the test of time.

One way to keep your relationship alive is to keep communication lines open. A relationship made in heaven does not exist. There must be conflicts and disagreements in most relationships. This is perfectly natural because the two people in any relationship come from two different backgrounds so there are bound to be differences in perspectives. The point is that conflicts are meant to be overcome. Disagreements and conflicts are only resolved by communication and this is why you should always keep communication lines open.

A disagreement can never be effectively resolved if both parties are deeply entrenched in their own positions. Compromise leads to peace but you need to learn the art of effective compromise to get the right results. Maybe you enjoy woodworking, sports, nightclubbing and eating out at swank restaurants. On the other hand, your partner loves staying at home, watching movies and cooking. Clearly, you do not seem to have much in common here but this does not mean you cannot reach a common ground. Working out the differences in your hobbies is quite easy. Get a piece of paper and write out each person’s hobbies. Now allot different days for sports, nightclubbing, eating out, watching movies, cooking and chilling at home. You cannot force your partner to fall in love with your hobbies but you can compromise. Your partner may follow to watch football one weekend. On another weekend, you stay at home with her and watch movies. Do this for a while and you will enjoy it so much that it will become a permanent part of your relationship.

Ignore Interference
This is one area where many couples fall flat on their polite faces. There are millions of professional busybodies on planet earth. There are millions of unpaid advisers out there too. Now, some of these people have good intentions for you and your partner. The problem is that a lot of damage has been done to many relationships by people that had good intentions. For this reason, you will do well to avoid unnecessary interference. If people offer you unsolicited advice, you should listen to them then politely ignore their advice. If a talebearer brings you damaging information about your partner, tell the talebearer to take his or her tales elsewhere. You know your partner better than anybody else you do not need the service of an unpaid private detective.

Find Time for Each Other
One mistake many people make in their relationships is that they take each other for granted. This does not happen suddenly but it develops gradually after some months or years. Initially, you might be deeply in love with each other but after a while, the fire of love burns out and you slip into familiar complacency. This is a bad sign because it might leave the door open for more serious problems down the line. You have a full-time job and so does your partner but this excuse is not good enough. Create time for each other and pay attention to each other. Go out on dates, celebrates birthdays and anniversaries and generally keep the love alive.

Try New Things
This is the computer age and one of the hallmarks of the computer era is innovation. With new programs and software coming out every day, you can take a cue from the computer world and upgrade your relationship. Find a new way to show love and affection to your partner. Take a vacation together, exchange gifts, buy flowers and cards and generally behave like teenagers enjoying a first love. Too much routine is bad for your relationship. Be creative, think outside the box, try new things and your love will stay alive forever.

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